Interactive Documentation


The JBA Interactive Manuals are a product that we are extremely proud of, as they have received a huge amount of praise from within the construction industry. Originally created for data centre sites, the user-friendly interface and innovative design has meant that understanding the workings of a building has never been easier.

Our team of technicians compile high quality documentation for sectors across the industry, creating products like interactive O&M manuals and H&S files. We offer a bespoke service to each client, on each document, to ensure the end result far exceeds expectations.

All documentation is available in digital format with a real-time search facility, custom bookmarking, interactive plans and intelligent linking to create a product that is accessible and adaptable. Our interactive manuals can be created from existing information or developed from scratch and are designed to be used on mobile devices such as tablets, making your O&M information readily available anywhere on site.

We also produce high quality printed manuals where a traditional format is preferred.

View an example of our Interactive Documentation here:

Key Interactive Documentation Offerings

  • Health & Safety files
  • Full colour printed and interactive O&M manual production
  • Template documents made to order
  • Rewriting or finishing incomplete or existing manuals
  • Conversion of paper O&M manuals to electronic format