Data Centre Services

Our team of data centre experts continue to work with various confidential, international clients.

Our projects include:

We are proud to work with some of the world’s leading data centre providers.

Primarily, we act as Project Managers, Commercial Consultants, Quantity Surveyors, Designers and Engineers for projects in the data sector. We combine our years of experience in construction with our data expertise in order to provide professional and bespoke services for our clients.

We understand the necessity of keeping data centres operational throughout any project. Therefore, we ensure there is minimal impact to sites during construction works. Our team strive to go above and beyond and we pride ourselves in our personal approach and professional delivery.

We also provide interactive documentation that manages and mitigates risks in critical infrastructure environments. This popular product is considered a game-changer within the data industry, as the interactive tool to manage assets. The innovative, user-friendly interface lets data centre management access all information in a click of a button.

Learn more about our interactive manuals here…

Key Data centre services Offerings

  • Procurement of preferred contractor
  • Compilation of tender documents
  • Completion of risk assessments
  • Minimal site impact
  • Financial monitoring
  • Commercial cost control
  • In-depth design consultancy