Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services

Our team of data centre experts provide data centre services to various confidential, international clients based in the UK and Europe. The specialist expertise in the data centre sector held by JB Associates makes us a leading construction services provider for data centres in a range of areas including:

Our range of data centre services are broad and can assist data centres throughout their lifecycle. Starting from data centre construction and data centre management including infrastructure upgrades all the way through to data centre decommissioning.

Working With Some Of The World’s Leading Data Centre Providers

JB Associates are proud to be working with a selection of the world’s leading data centre providers. We primarily act as Project Managers, Commercial Consultants, Quantity Surveyors, Designers and Engineers for projects in the data centre sector. In these roles, we combine our years of experience in construction with our data centre expertise to deliver professional and bespoke services to each of our clients.

We understand the necessity of keeping data centres operational throughout any project. Our team works in an intelligent and efficient way to ensure that there is a minimal impact on data centres during construction works. We strive to go above and beyond with our data centre services and we pride ourselves in our personal approach and professional delivery.

Interactive Documentation For Data Centres

We create useful interactive documentation for data centres to help manage and mitigate the risks that are present in critical infrastructure environments. Our documentation product is recognised as a game-changer within the data centre industry and it has gained popularity for its innovative approach to documentation. It is known as the interactive tool for managing assets. The innovative, user-friendly interface helps data centre teams and management access critical information in a click of a button using whichever device they prefer.

Learn more about our interactive manuals here…

Data Centre Construction Consultancy

Data centre construction involves a complex and technical process. Our team bring years of experience and expertise from working with some of the world’s leading data centre providers into our consultancy service. Working with our data centre experts can help to identify risks at an early stage and avoid costly issues that if left unresolved may emerge during a later phase of the construction process.

Our team of experienced experts can help with the procurement of a preferred contractor, compilation of tender documents and the completion of risk assessments from the initial phase of your data centre construction project. During the more advanced phases, our experts assist with financial monitoring and commercial cost control. Everything that we do is designed to help make your data centre construction a success and support the delivery of your project outcomes.

The data centre team at JB Associates consists of data centre quantity surveyors and experienced data centre consultants that are committed to the success of your project.

Data Centre Design

Designing a data centre is a critical task that can have significant implications for the operation and maintenance of the data centre once it is brought online. We provide a comprehensive data centre design consultancy service which provides in-depth professional advice for data centre clients.

Our team of data centre experts can guide you through the data centre design process and help you to develop a robust and highly functional design. The qualified quantity surveyors and data centre consultants at JB associates are ready to help you develop a winning design based on industry best practice and a wealth of in-house experience.

Key Data Centre Services

  • Procurement of preferred contractor
  • Compilation of tender documents
  • Completion of risk assessments
  • Minimal site impact
  • Financial monitoring
  • Commercial cost control
  • In-depth design consultancy

Data Centre Services Case Studies

Review our selection of data centre services case studies to find out how we have delivered excellent project outcomes for some of the world’s leading data centre providers.

Contact Our Data Centre Specialists In Hampshire & London

Our data centre specialists based in Hampshire but serving London, Dorset, the UK and Europe are ready to help with your data centre. If you are looking for data centre construction consultants or data centre design specialists, our team of experienced data centre experts are a great choice for your project. Contact our team by calling 01590 688 928, emailing or completing the contact form.