About Us

The Creative Approach

JB Associates is a Construction Consultancy based in the South of England, delivering projects across the UK and Europe. Since being founded in 2002, the company has seen continuous growth and development. Our directors have utilised their 30+ years of industry experience, enabling the business to evolve into a one-stop-shop for anything and everything construction related.

Our philosophy is to work alongside clients, integrating our own staff wherever possible with the client team. We prioritise the development of professional relationships for the entire life-cycle of a project and beyond in order to fully comprehend the client’s needs and aspirations. From there we are able to deliver a project that best matches the brief and ticks every box.

We think logically and simply, efficiently but differently. Our many collective years of experience in the construction industry has led to an excellent combination of skillsets and enables us to avoid pre-planned, one-fix-fits-all solutions. Instead, we use our experience to your advantage and approach each unique task differently, completing every job on time and in budget.

JB Associates Team
Ashley Buckland

Our Perspectives

At JB Associates we provide everything from advice to insights to support within the construction industry. Whether it is a review of Brexit’s impacts on our economy, or a nostalgic look back on how we have grown as a company, we will regularly post our own ‘perspectives’ on the industry we work in day to day.