Meet our intern!

JB Associates has recently welcomed their first intern. Pippa, a student from local Brockenhurst college, spent a week with us in order to learn the ins and outs of a career in the construction industry. Experiencing a variety of sectors, Pippa visited numerous sites across the South of England, discovered the basics of our interactive manuals and even attended a seminar for social media and marketing. We asked her a few questions about her experience… How would you describe your work experience at JB Associates? My work experience at JB Associates took me through numerous potential roles in construction and thoroughly developed my understanding of each one. I entered the experience with relatively little knowledge of the industry and after being taken to meetings, given tutorials on different job positions, site viewings, run-throughs and seminar sessions, I left feeling much more informed for future career decisions. What element did you find the most interesting out of all the sectors that you worked in? What I enjoyed the most was the amount of different responsibilities and tasks for each single job position. I was surprised to find out how extensive these jobs are, which ultimately I found reassuring. Now I know that choosing a career in construction wouldn’t limit me to one specific task or become repetitive. Do you think you could go into the construction industry as a career? I am very unsure as to what I want to do as a career but, given my age, I have plenty of time to figure that out. However, I can say the construction industry is an exciting option and I’m planning to keep gaining more experience in the future. I am currently studying business at college and being at JB Associates for a week gave me an insight into how a construction consultancy business operates and that is definitely something I am interested in pursuing.  Do you have any recommendations for anyone thinking about doing work experience with a construction consultancy? I would definitely recommend getting experience of any kind as it can really help to better your understanding, whether that results in you knowing if construction is the direction you want to go in or not. No experience is bad experience.  We loved having Pippa join the team for a short while and we are happy to welcome anyone interested in a career in construction, or simply looking to gain some experience of the industry. Just contact us here for more information.