JBA: Proud Sponsors of New BSRIA Guide

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the new BSRIA Guide for Handover and O&Ms (BG 79/2020).

Alongside this sponsorship, our MD, Ashley Buckland, is a guest panelist at an upcoming BSRIA Member Webinar: Delivering Effective Information at Building Handover Stage. Sign up here if you’re interested in joining the discussion and debate.

Who is BSRIA?

BSRIA is a non-profit distributing, member-based association. They aim to promote knowledge and provide specialist services for construction and building services stakeholders. Their mission is to make buildings better by improving their environmental, operational and occupational value.

Their guides are part of their continuing effort to improve the built environment by researching and publishing technical guidance and other knowledge intended to promote best practice across the industry. 

We have recently written a guest blog for their site, discussing lockdown as a catalyst for technological advances across the UK. Read this blog here.

What is BG 79?

This new document replaces the previous BG 1/2007 Handover, O&M Manuals, and Project Feedback. The guidance covers the various essential documents delivered and activities carried out during the handover of a building, with a particular focus on operating and maintenance (O&M) manuals.

The guide also covers other handover deliverables such as record drawings, certificates and BIM models, with a focus on legislative requirements and the need for handover documentation to reflect the operating and maintenance strategy of the building. It was authored by BSRIA staff with the assistance of technical experts, and was supported by industry sponsors (including JB Associates).

BG 79 is available for download here (and free for all BSRIA members).

Why are JB Associates ideal sponsors for BG 79 ?

JB Associates has always offered traditional Handover Information and O&M Manual compilation, design and delivery to a number of international clients. However, in recent years we have developed an interactive alternative that makes the handover process significantly easier.

In just three clicks of a button, clients are able to access all their facility and asset information. The interactive interface is innovative and user-friendly, meaning that O&M manuals are finally being properly utilised, with facilities therefore being maximised.

Rather than being left on bookshelves to collect dust, our Interactive Documentation can be accessed by any number of people, from anywhere and at any time. However, this accessibility does not compromise on security. We have ensured the documentation complies with ISO Standards and they have proved particularly popular for critical infrastructure environments (in which security is a top priority).

So far, we have had solely positive feedback from our current clients; they have seen huge benefits of using these documents when mitigating risks within complex data centre sites. Through cause and effect documents and an intelligent linking system that leads users to all accessible asset information, managing a facility has never been so simple.

With such a game-changing product for Handover Information and O&Ms, we are thrilled to be sponsoring the BG 79/2020 and we hope to continue working closely with BSRIA for years to come.