Introducing the Mobile Manual

Ever since developing our digital, interactive alternative to traditional O&M Manuals, we have known that JB eDocs are a game-changer within construction and critical infrastructure.

By adapting the traditional building manual and utilising flip-book technology, JB eDocs have become an easy to use, productive way to manage a facility and mitigate risks in complex environments. So far, we have had hugely positive feedback from clients across the industry.

However, this response does not stop our team continuing to look for ways to improve and develop the interactive manual. In a year of adversity for many construction companies, we made the decision to further invest in our tech products, focusing efforts on innovation and finding more efficient ways of working. The team behind JB eDocs aim to eventually eradicate the need for traditional, printed O&Ms completely and encourage the construction industry to embrace digitisation.

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that our JB eDocuments are now completely mobile-friendly and compatible across all mobile, laptop and tablet devices. The product is dedicated to ensuring facility management can be done remotely through digitised Building and O&M Manuals and Handover Documentation. With integrated HAZOP and Cause and Effect information, users are able to begin solving issues even if they are off-site and working from home.

Ashley Buckland, Managing Director at JB Associates, commented:

“The JB eDocs are becoming essential for critical infrastructure environments and we believe they are the future in sustainable facility management. With a real-time search facility, custom bookmarking, interactive plans and intelligent linking, they are both efficient and adaptable. Our interactive manuals can be created from existing information or developed from scratch and are designed to be accessed from wherever, whenever you need.”

A JB Associates client from a confidential telecoms background, added:

“We have been using the JB eDocs recently after collaborating with the JB Associates team for a number of years and it has completely changed the way we work. My remote team are now able to access all facility information from home. The search functions allow you to find the information you are looking for almost instantly and we’re able to access all documents on laptop, mobiles and tablets within a few clicks of a button. A big thanks goes to Ashley and the team for making the transition so easy.” 

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