Interactive manuals


Interactive manuals

JB Associates is currently providing interactive O&M manuals to two major clients. We are replacing cabinets full of dusty folders with one single, online document. This approach is more time-efficient, eco-friendly and the interactive drawings are simple to navigate. These manuals provide asset tagging with all the necessary information that may be needed post-handover and therefore hugely increase productivity.

While we are currently primarily creating these manuals for data-centres, the software is perfect for any site, location, office or building. JB Associates believes in the huge potential these interactive manuals provide and the technology-focused future that they represent within construction.

Each manual is comprised of interactive drawings that accurately match a particular site. From these drawings it is possible to select areas and, within these areas, certain assets. Each asset is hyper-linked to another section of the manual which reports all the basic information for the product as well as the manufacturer, their website and the year the asset was installed.

However, for more detailed information, the manual also directs users to information across the internet, such as links to manufacturer’s literature. Finally, the interactive drawings also connect to an online asset register that doubles up as a snagging app. This program, NowSimplifi, has become essential within any of JB Associates’ projects as it works in harmony with the interactive O&M manuals and becomes an efficient way to track progress live on site.

Here is an example of our Interactive Digital Manuals

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